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WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE! I’m grateful you took the time to explore what I'm up to. I am so grateful to be me, and to be creative and have the opportunity to serve the creative spirit in you as well.  We are so many things...and here I express myself  thru  PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEO, TAROT, & HEALING WORK…as an artist and a licensed massage therapist and reiki master. I like to work in many mediums to serve you and our infinite loving souls. Presently residing in Ithaca, I serve Upstate and Central NY area including Rochester, Syracuse, as well as Downstate NYC/Brooklyn area, and I am also able to and love travel to you. I love to adventure with you, to create, and magnify your brilliance and expression to you. I aim to inspire and help heal and create beauty for groups and individuals, the planet.


I do my magic in collaboration with spirit thru written word, installation, designing and producing a photoshoot, doing an oracle counsel session with tarot, healing thru reiki and professional massage, my engagement and purpose is the same. I am here to be a clear joyful channel in service to the divine creative force evolving us.We will dare to explore subconscious, creativity, your divine feminine and masculine and otherworldly spirit that wishes to express itself for the purpose of your liberation, your manifestation and awareness of your purpose, remembrance of who you are and trans surfing to feel the best possible timeline and alignment for you in your life. I would like to work with you during powerful times of transition, just to celebrate, to call in, to mark a change, to create destiny, to be magical.


You may be thinking these are rather lofty ideals, and to that I say, well…what is art anyway? Perhaps a first step is to open to the real possibility of actualizing bigger and bigger dreams. This is your birthright to really live a life brimming, overflowing with the greatness of your spirit. Humbly, this is what I am here to serve.


 Now, choose your adventure…read and explore and witness more about me, see my artwork, my proliferating projects, see if there’s a way I can collaborate and serve you and yours. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions in your heart, if you are drawn. I like to vary my styles. Book a self empowerment or boudoir photo session. Treat yourself and your love to a couples portrait or a partner tarot or both. Book a massage. To the daring and bright and big creator in you, “ Let’s dream big”, says your Sagittarius shamanic art director here, when aiming for the target, why not go for the gold! Come with me, let’s go on an adventure to celebrate this wonderful mystery called life!

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