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Me at Renaissance Fests: So much learned here, I discovered ability to share names and dates beyond my normal oracling. It's so great to be outside one's normal time to discover abilities.

Let's play a fun sacred artful game...This little video gif thingy above is from one of my photo art shows. Feel into your being, and then Screenshot the video loop and contact me with whichever image you "drew". I'll give you a free simple tone reading! This is from the oracle deck I'm creating, see my photo work because I seem to send and receive messages thru art and images. Scroll down after enjoying the "about tarot" info below for another game/offering.

Tarot Tuesday Oracle Menu Prices

Tarot Available Now

Spirit Reading $15

Balanced Reading $35

Love Reading $40

Couple's Reading $55

Full Reading $60 

New Year Monthly $75

About Tarot and my Divination Practice/ Oracle work: I'm the "ptarotdactyl"of Tarot Tuesday (everyday) who speaks to you in the oracular vernacular...and I've read everywhere and everytime, from renaissance to Live Action Role Play at Pennsic, to Ten Forward of  Cafe of the Starship Enterprise, to Argos, Lingerie Shop, to Huge 1920s Galas, to the Spa Ship events in NYC....will include testimonials and more comprehensive list if you like.


Writing for this website is so fun because the disciplines interrelate so. I am stirring into my proverbial cauldron so many elements, and really, the magic of the oracle is a touchstone thru all my arts.


I have been ‘reading signs’ for as long as I’ve had an internal and external vocabulary. As a photo artist, and oracle,  I observe that I am in the practice of sending and receiving key messages thru images. My oracle work is a sacred realm where we communicate in archetypal consciousness and with reiki healing running thru the whole session and your highest good as the intention, we help with our tools and always the highest brightest guides to help you make a quantum shift into a higher frequency timeline to serve your spirit’s path and purpose.


This allows us to illuminate your path, as well as give you practical tools to take steps in reprogramming and working thru any shadow work necessary.


We use all these tools available to us thru guides, ancestors, glimpses of the imagination, sounds and any thing wants to express to attune you to your higher frequecies. Being a child even as a wiser woman in my life is important since the magical mind of the child is profoundly and originally in contact with source. Like the martial artist who goes fully into blackbelt and evolves past those stages, eventually becomes a white belt again…and has that empty cup that is continuously teachable. In essence, this cup is the holy grail, the vessel that I am for you, and strive to provide a clear channel for your awareness of self and where you are in your learning and evolution, and working together we also work with the subconscious mind and weed out thoughts and habits that don’t serve, and plant what your soul deeply desires by trans surfing to your best version and purpose and start to feel into that state so you can attune more and more with this.


I will go into more detail about my process as it’s endlessly revealing itself to me as I go. My favorite is doing my concept photo work with a person, then realizing the archetype communicating to them thru the very art we did together. There are so many ways we are constantly in communication with source, if we create the sacred space within which to pay attention. For now, enjoy this gif here of images from my tarot deck in progress, and if you contact me with the screenshot of it, I will give you a free reading.


I will leave you with two quotes from one of my major influences the alchemist, filmmaker, tarotist, from his book “Psychomagic” Sr. Alejandro Jodoroski… this reveals to you my aspiration and approach to my work.


“There are four (laws of magic): to love, to dare, to be capable, and to be quiet. “To be quiet” I  understand as “to obey.” Strength at rest is the greatest strength. For this reason at times I tell this initiation story that relates to how the strongest man in the Chinese Empire makes his demonstration of strength by taking a butterfly from a little box and saying “I am so strong that I can take a butterfly by the wings without hurting it” This is to be quiet.

It is necessary to manifest knowledge only when it asks us to and if it does not, be quiet. One is giving; the other is forcing others to receive.”

“The elixir for lasting life is a person who accepts life and lives everything as it is without self-annihilation.

The universal solvent is a person who has developed divine love in his heart. Love is what dissolves all resistances.’

Fun Tarot Challenge: Guess what card (from traditional tarot) I was inspired by to make the above video, and reach out to me with your answer, and if you guess right you will get a free reading!!!! 

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