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Who am I ?

So many things, as are you. I am a channel, mystical shamanic priestess, artist, divine servant. It’s so interesting to try to describe myself, as I’m changing even in this moment, but there’s also a divine eternal sense of my soul signature that is able to be ecstatic and joyful as well as meaningful and connected. I’m an ancient child goddess gaining something like wisdom on this planet.


There are so many key words I can throw in to try to transmit my intentions of dreaming into the best of us and manifesting thru play and art. However, I am just going to trust that you feel me, because I know that you do.


I’ve been described as “A whole vibe”. I’m a reflection, a filter, a playful fairy, a shape shifting presence, always serving the brilliance that is your aspiration and, it’s my hope to help you shift into the realms you seek to dwell in.


I am a dancer, oracle, circle leader, humble servant, big dreamer, visionary, shape shifting chameleon, biracial, bilingual photographer, videographer, filmmaker, earth medicine devotee, and genie-healer.


But WHO am I? Welp, now I feel silly, all talking about me, this is about you, maybe all of us. Perhaps the real question is WHAT are we? Where are we headed and how? We are in collaboration with Great Spirit and moving with as much love, joy, magic and meaning as possible, and with the ability to expand and evolve with our fellow spirit dancers and highest and brightest co creators.  Perhaps experience is the only way to know. There is a reason you are reading this right now. Feel into the truth of what you seek, and contact me, let’s see what we can do.


Aho!  Namaste, Gracias y Wha He Guru! 


~Damaris pronounced (Dah'mah'reese) with love

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