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Welcome the the beginning of a wonderful collaboration between you and I. Explore my photo galleries, (patience, website is under construction) and enjoy this little video "The Muse Speaks", a sweet little tastemonial from one of my clients, the amazing dancer Alicia Freedman of famous dance podcast "A Little Lighter" she shares about working with Damaris Vazquez Photography.


Everyone is unique and has their own beauty and center of power,  I am here to hold up the mirror to your own strengths and see what kind of fun we can create on this journey! Let's celebrate the spirit of art that is within all of us. Manifest your best intentions. 

When you feel inspired, contact me, I am great at brainstorming and finding just the right experience and type of shoot for you and/ or your beloveds.

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Schedule With Me Now

Outdoor Boudoir $175-250

Simple Studio Shoot and Headshots $99-175

Self Love Studio Session: $175$250

Studio and Outdoor Shoot:$350-$550 

Photography & Videography/Filmmaking


I like to create empowering experiences for my clients, models, and muses (they are all the same).  I use all my passions for the visionary and divinatory and healing arts in my photo work. When I get to know a client, I like to “dream into” what kind of reality they are creating or healing, in essence, I am great at finding a safe and fun creative way to explore an experience they truly would love to have. Something that will help them thru the experience of working with me to get in touch with some expression that wouldn’t have the exact opportunity of expression any other way. I like to say art is doing exactly what you want to do, and I am great at finding that passion in someone, or at the very least, finding a way to reflect them and remind them of who they are in a deeper sense than just a mirror or a filter, but in a way that it’s a bit of spirit work. I do headshots and studio and location portraits as well as a sort of installation approach to the work or fantasy approach can include food or body paint or any of the elements. I love to create a world and aesthetic and experience just for you.


I started this business when I was pregnant, and did high concept nudes of women during Pregnancy, and did a Nursing series as activism to de-stigmatize what’s natural.


I did live projections for the yoga dance group Prahnadhanas performance, and for La Leche League and Birthing Community in Ithaca, NY.


I directed and shot a group project called Integration of Opposites that culminated in the Astro Yoga Calendar of 2012 that received critical praise. I was exploring how the astrological signs work with their opposition, and worked with many prominent yoga teachers and dancers in upstate ny. It got recognition and sold in The Museum of Sex where they said they loved my art because it was “sensual without being sexual”.  The final shoot had been with the performers together, and I led a ritual to bring the community together and bring prayers to the earth as we entered new year. I learned a lot about this ‘installation style’ set up of photo shoots, and had never heard of the famous group nude photographer Mister Spencer Tunick till someone compared what I was doing with his work. I would have never guessed fate would have led me to actually collaborating with him years later.


I had an opportunity to go to mexico when an intuitive artist friend of mine suggested I go to La Calacas Festival in San Miguel de Allende while I was doing my  Dias De Los Muertos nudes and I felt the call to go. Turns out Spencer Tunick had a call for participants in his shoot called Inversions…I was not only in one of his smaller 14 person shoots (upside down), but helped him in the process, and made friends with this generous and amazing photographer that I respect so much. I encouraged him to come to Ithaca, and I helped organize his project on a waterfall here in Ithaca for his series called “Stewards of  Nature” where we shot 80 brave women holding huge round mirrors on a gorgeous waterfall.


I have a continuous series called “Written Images and Shooting Words where I counsel with the client exploring in a sapio sensual way, their erotic imagination and dreams and desires…then I write something special for them and we include the written piece in the shoot or video.


I’ve been a performer and also a photo I did won photo award in Rochester Erotic Arts Festival, and am greateful to have been trusted to empower folks in so many styles and from so many walks of life and stages of life: pregnancy, burlesque, drag, performers, shy couples, boudoir, amputee, fetish, fantasy,worked in the queer community, surrealistic, ambiguous, portraiture, blacklight body paint, psychedelic, and so much more. I’ve done simple studio work, and on location set design, fire work, to body paint. I’ve projected and staged with nudes, and so excited to see what I get to do next.


I am always In awe and reverence at the star in my clients. I see what it’s like to love them and celebrate them, and allow the wave to take me straight to the final piece aimed for.


I like to flow with the imagination. Everyone comes to me at the right time and I can trust my passions will line up with theirs and we create together in a way that empowers and expresses something beautiful.


Being an oracle, of course, I’m inspired by Tarot. I am creating my own version of this magical mysterious imagery by channeling with my photography and since I already really focus on the person’s inner archetype I am creating blessings with some images from shoots and turning them into ‘cards’ as I gradually gather this series and see where it takes me.


 Click here to see tarot series so far and can pick a card and explore my tarot work too.


I have grown in love and gratitude with my  partner, guide, muse, collaborator, mi amor; Myztico Campo who happens to also be a world reknown visionary shamanic artist has inspired me to work with UV Blacklight body paint, and phosphorescent glow in the dark paint.  I’ve started painting my photos, and Last year, I had two shows first one with his work at Sacred Root Kava Lounge. I am not offering a final piece which is an original painted photo canvas for clients past  present and future. Just let me know if you’d like one of the photos I made for you printed and painted by me in this way.


The latest offering is one I do with my partner mentioned above, and we do a beautiful UV body paint session with the couples usually but will work with individuals and groups or families. We start with a guided meditation, as you lay comfortably on a massage table, and then we do the sacred art of body painting and then we reveal yourself to you in the mirror, and you play and dance as this new spirit that you are…we get amazing photos and video captures which we share with you.


The process of creating images with you is my honor and I make sure we know our intention even if it’s a surprise, and the shoots can be exhilarating and satisfying from beginning to end. All inquiries can receive tarot and massage packages if gifting self or others. I can travel to you, and the consultation is free where we design your experience and shoot. I want both the experience and the end result to surprise you with your very own amazingness and wonder of the transformational power of art.

Yes, you can contact me for a quote and schedule a session with me for your celebration of yourself, your partnership, as a fun surprise gift, a wonderful date night, or to have us bodypaint  at your event. 

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